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Chattanooga, Tennessee

2 People for 3 Nights

Art Connoisseurs, History Buffs, Outdoor Adventurists... Welcome to Chattanooga, Tennessee!

3 nights for 2 people in one of Tennessee’s most picturesque cities!

Chattanooga, Tennessee is known as the “Scenic City” for many reasons. Chattanooga is a top destination for art connoisseurs, history buffs, outdoor adventurists, and everything in between! Falling in love with this diverse city is inevitable.

Included in this package:

One of the most interesting parts of this package is the historic Read House Hotel. Your stay at The Read House will have you feeling like 1920’s royalty with high-quality velvet furniture, intricate wood detailing, and art deco ornamentation… Gatsby approved and frequented by Al Capone. The hotel is located downtown, so sight-seeing and delicious food are right out the door!

With so much to see and learn, a tour of downtown is included in your package. You will be in awe of the incredible mix of historic landmarks and modern art found all over Chattanooga! This tour can be done by Segway or horse-drawn carriage.

You’ll have covered the in-city scenic side of Chattanooga, so now it’s time to experience the natural beauty! Rock City holds some of the area’s most unique geological, botanical, and artistic wonders! Incredible wood carvings, balancing boulders, colorful gardens, and breathtaking “See Seven States” views characterize this mountain-top trail. It is a must do for adventurers of all ages!

Valid for 2 years      No Blackout Dates        60 day travel notice required

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